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  • A Hike in Bohemian Paradise
    By Deanna K.
    The first time I heard " Bohemian" and " Czech Republic" paired together, I was slightly confused. Was I going to live in a country filled with hippy clothes and...keep reading
  • Springtime Travels- Bratislava
    By Deanna K.
    Springtime in the Czech Republic gives a whole new meaning to the associative terms "new life" and "great awakening." After months of overcast skies, the sun is finally poking through...keep reading
  • Munching through Madrid
    By Deanna K.
    Spring Break in the Czech Republic comes much earlier than it does in the States. My “Spring Break” fell on the last week of February, but some of my friends...keep reading
    Fake Blog
    By Joshua S.
    Fake Blog Experience is our own and like Huxley said, “incommunicable other than by symbols.” The apparent first to interpret symbols through only the means of art in the illustrative...keep reading
  • My Home Abroad in Prague
    By Stephanie B.
    When moving to the Czech Republic the only must haves in my head were a furnished apartment and a big enough bed. I didn’t take into account much else because...keep reading
    New Year, New Post
    By Hunter R.
    Happy New Year from Mnichovice and a belated Merry Christmas to you all! Things here in the Czech have been wild for the last few weeks. My mom arrived at...keep reading

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