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When Culture Shock Hits
By Alexandra K.
They say "Culture Shock" has four phases, the honeymoon stage, the frustration stage, the adjustment stage, and the acceptance stage. Currently, all the excitment has died down and I am...keep reading
  • Contraception is the Question
    By Berenger G.
    I thought I was in the minority when it came to seeking out birth control in Spain, until I arrived and realized it was the unspoken question on everyone’s mind...keep reading
  • Spaniards Love to Talk
    By Berenger G.
    One of the biggest differences between American and Spanish culture, is that Spaniards love to talk. Of course, Americans like to talk too, there’s just a time and a place...keep reading
    Am I Really in Madrid?
    By Alexandra K.
    The month of August was quite stressful for me. Up until August 20th, I had been away from New York on a family vacation in Massachusetts. Having only five days...keep reading

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