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  • What I Wished I Had Packed
    By Morgan M.
    Hey y'all! I know your adventure to Thailand begins soon. It's been almost 2 months of being here for me and my group. I've gotten a lot of questions about...keep reading
    Escuela en Las Rozas
    By Briana H.
    Working in Las Rozas It has offically been one month since I have started working as an auxiliar at my school in Las Rozas. Las Rozas is an area outside...keep reading
  • The First Weeks of School
    By Morgan M.
    Coming from teaching elementary school in America, I knew the first couple days/weeks of teaching would be a little overwhelming, and as I am writing this during week 4 of...keep reading
  • Settling In
    By Briana H.
    "If it doesn't make you smile then change it". One of my newest, now dearest friend told me this while we were chatting in the kitchen. I completely resignate with...keep reading

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