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CIEE Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad

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 High School Summer Abroad

Study Abroad Scholarships

With $7 million available each year, a prestigious Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad Scholarship can make you stand out on college applications and help fund your adventure.

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 High School Summer Abroad

35+ Amazing Destinations

Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Rabat, and more... Find the perfect place to improve your language fluency, adapt to a new culture, and get real-world experience in a topic of your choice.

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 High School Summer Abroad

New Friends and Skills

Meet high school students from across the U.S. and make friends with local teens as you gain confidence, independence, responsibility, and a more global perspective.

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Up for a Summer Adventure?

Our Global Navigator high school summer abroad programs take you outside your comfort zone for 3 to 8 weeks. Have fun exploring a different culture in more than 35 amazing destinations across the world. Bring back new friends, new skills, a broader worldview, and maybe even college credits in high school!

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Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

When compared side-by-side with other summer activities, such as high school summer camps, travel tours, and enrichment activities for teens, CIEE high school summer abroad programs participants gain a more global perspective, improve language skills (with test scores to prove it), build independence, apply learning in an international environment, and form lifelong connections. 

On program, our high school participants: 

  • Have fun, experiencing new settings, sounds, food, traditions, and more.  
  • Immerse themselves in local communities, along with new friends from around the U.S.  
  • Develop hard and soft skills in the real world, setting themselves up for success in language proficiency or a topic they’re passionate about. 

Only about 2% of U.S. high school students participate in study abroad programs each year. This makes it an especially unique opportunity for teens to stand out when applying to college, internships, and jobs!  

To learn more about the value of CIEE Global Navigator programs, check out our program outcomes.

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Questions About High School Summer Abroad

We design our programs with safety as our #1 priority. We have long-standing relationships with community leaders all over the world and our CIEE study centers abroad are staffed year-round. This allows us to provide students with 24/7 emergency on-site support. We also send 1 U.S. Program Leader for every 12 students to accompany them on program and ensure they have support for their logistic, learning, and emotional needs at all times. 

The program tuition cost includes comprehensive medical and travel protection through iNext, which covers student accidents or illnesses during their program.  

To learn more about our safety standards, check out the high school study abroad safety page. 

All Language & Culture programs include a homestay as part of the curriculum to help students be fully immersed in the language. For non-language programs, the housing could vary between a homestay, CIEE campus, dorms, hotel or hostel. 

All housing options are carefully screened by local CIEE staff to provide a safe and comfortable accommodation for students. 

Be sure to look at the Daily Life section of any program page to check the housing option for students on that program.

CIEE has 4-week-long programs in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Korean

Our Language & Culture programs are immersive. Students stay with a carefully-screened local homestay and get to live the language inside and outside class.

Students in language programs take the Avant STAMP 4S test before and after the program. This is to help students understand what they learned and to prove their language gains.

Explore Language & Culture Programs

CIEE offers high school study abroad programs that allow students to join in on community projects around the world and reflect on social issues. Some programs even provide a certificate of up to 50 service-learning hours, which looks great on college applications and résumés and may sometimes fulfill service requirements for graduation. 

Explore Social Change Programs

CIEE high school summer abroad programs are built around U.S.-based learning standards, such as the U.S. High School National Core Arts Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and more. Language & Culture programs are aligned with American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards. 

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