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Program Overview
Discover Japanese culture's many facets: from traditional to pop.

From Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple to the neon street signs of Tokyo's Akihabara district, embark on a 7-week journey to discover the many facets of Japanese culture!

Start on a 4-week Japanese Language & Culture program in Kyoto, where you’ll live with a host family and enjoy daily Japanese lessons and excursions. Visit the Manga Museum and iconic shrines. Get a taste for Japanese living hanging with new friends at serene teahouses and teen-filled, video-gaming arcades.  

Continue on a 3-week Japanese Pop Culture program in Tokyo. Try your hand at making your own characters and storylines and team up with other Global Navigators to propose your own anime or manga project. Whether a pop art fan or aspiring creator, living in central Tokyo will be a whirlwind of excitement and provide plenty of inspiration to fuel your creativity.

This extended immersion in Japanese culture will boost your confidence and credentials in a way only study abroad experiences can: come home more independent, more proficient in Japanese, and more importantly, with friends and memories to last a lifetime. 

Academic Merit Only Scholarship

Only the Global Navigator Academic Merit Only scholarship is available for this program bundle (limit of 1 award per bundle). The Academic Merit + Need scholarship is NOT available. If you want to apply for an Academic Merit + Need scholarship, check out the Japanese Language & Culture program and Japanese Pop Culture: Anime & Manga program separately.

The Take-Aways

Real-world Experience

Travel to Japan to immerse yourself in the language in Kyoto, and apply that knowledge in Tokyo, interacting with professional artists and designers. Come home with a higher proficiency in Japanese and a portfolio of creative work.

Credentials For Your Future

Topics for your college essays, experience to inform your future career, a portfolio to document your artistic ideas and to work in various media and techniques. Choose to earn 4 college credits toward your future college degree.

Life Skills And New Friendships

Return with greater self-confidence, independence, and improved communication and leadership skills. Enjoy a broader worldview and diverse friendships from across the U.S. 


Hours Of Expert Instruction


Weeks Pursuing Your Passion


Life-changing Experience

The Destination
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The Destination

Welcome to Kyoto and Tokyo, two of the most exciting cities in Japan. 

Kyoto stands at the heart of traditional Japanese culture. As the former imperial capital for over a thousand years, its name literally translates to "capital city." Instead of towering skyscrapers and neon lights, Kyoto dazzles with 1,600 temples, 400 shrines, lantern-lit streets, and machiyas (traditional wooden houses). This living, open-air museum boasts the largest collection of world heritage sites globally. Kyoto is a destination every Japanese person aspires to visit at least once in their lifetime.   

Tokyo's blend of retro, new, and cutting-edge modernity captivates teens worldwide. Temples, shrines, parks, and zoos contrast with high-tech art installations at exhibits and on the sides of tall buildings. Pop art fans delight in places like the Tokyo Anime Center and the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo. Akihabara, the otaku district, is where anime, manga, retro video games, and cosplay coexist with niche cafés. Get ready to expand your palate with range of Japanese favorites, such as ramen, soba, yakitori, gyoza, and anything you can grill on a stick.

Daily Life

Daily Life


Each day offers a balance between interactive instruction and cultural activities with time on your own, too. Morning classes and afternoon activities may swap places. 

  • Breakfast at your homestay or the hostel/hotel 
  • Engaging Japanese classes  or hands-on classes with expert instructors and professionals     
  • Lunch with your fellow Global Navigators    
  • Out and about for authentic conversations in the community, a cultural activity or workshop    
  • Dinner at your homestay, hostel/hotel, or out in the community  


  • Overnight or day excursions to top sites   
  • Quality time with friends and/or your host family (Kyoto)

Check out the blog posts to discover more about daily life and excursions on program.


Homestay and hostel/hotel, shared rooms with other Global Navigators

24/7 Support

1 Program Leader for every 12 students and support from local staff

Program Blogs


Goodbye Party 8/4/23 (part 2)

By Heather Constantinescu at CIEE

more pics of our Kyoto goodbye party


Goodbye Party 8/4/23 (part 1)

By Heather Constantinescu at CIEE

a goodbye party at AEON Mall in Kyoto



By Julia Nawa at CIEE

My final goodbyes to the 2023 Summer Tokyo Language and Culture Program. Thank you for all the good memories kids and I hope you all continue to learn Japanese; if not, I hope you enjoyed your summer in Japan!


Sample Activities

Tokyo_participants under tree in front of river_lake and Japanese temple.jpg

Just imagine all the fun you’ll have!

  • Immerse yourself in the green tunnel of the Arashiyama bamboo forest. Watch the light from the sun dap the forest floor. 
  • Feed polite, bowing deer at the famous Deer Park in Nara. Visit the hall of the Great Buddha inside Todai-ji, the great temple of the East. 
  • Travel to Osaka, a thriving port city full of trendy shops, flashy signs, excellent food spots, and youthful energy! 
  • Discover Akihabara, the heartland of otaku culture, and spot your favorite anime, manga, and retro video games. 
  • Design your own anime character from scratch with guidance from instructors at an anime school in Tokyo. 
  • Experience the man-made island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, a buzzing teen entertainment hub. See the enormous, life-size Gundam statue, representing the science fiction media franchise. 

Please note activities are based on past programs and subject to change at CIEE's discretion to adapt to local circumstances and participant feedback. Our goal when arranging activities is always to enhance your experience.   



  • Participants must be 14 years old and above.  
  • Program open to all current high school students—Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. 
  • For scholarship eligibility requirements, please check our scholarship page

For more information, refer to the detailed Program Essential Eligibility Criteria

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees

Application Fee 


Program scholarships and tuition include iNext Travel Insurance, but do not cover the cost of flights. Find additional details about what’s included with your tuition. 

More Questions? Find answers, get application support, sign up for virtual presentations, or contact us


Application Due

Start Date

End Date


Program Summer Session I and II 2024 7 weeks Application Due Deadline Passed Start Date End Date Costs $13,200

Program Fees

CIEE offers the most student support of any provider in its program fee, including an airport greeting, full-time leadership and support, orientation, cultural activities, local excursions, pre-departure advising, and CIEE iNext travel protection with benefits.

Program Balance = $13,200

Total Fees = $13,200

Estimated Costs

Students are responsible and manage costs related to travel, meals, books, and personal expenses. Below are estimates for consideration.

Financial Aid

CIEE offers the most grants and scholarships of any study abroad organization, including $8 million/year in travel grants, merit-based scholarships, institutional and MSI grants, and Gilman Go Global Grants.

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What's Included

Interactive Classes


3 Meals/Day

(Dietary Needs Accommodated)

All Ground Transportation

(Once In-country)

Optional Flight Chaperone

(Flight Cost Not Included)

Pre-departure Advice and Orientation

Access to Local Phone and WIFI

All Cultural Activities and Excursions

Comprehensive Medical and Travel Protection

24/7 Emergency On-site Support

Our Staff

Our Staff

Conor Aherne

Center Director

Conor’s passion for Japan began 12 years ago when he studied abroad in Tokyo. He holds an MA in Japanese & Asian History from Saitama University and is a specialist in Kyoto history.

Jennifer Butler

Center Director

Jennifer is a long-time resident of Japan but originally hails from the US. She has an MA in Japanese Studies from the University of Sheffield (UK) and a BA in International Studies (Japanese minor) from the University of Alabama.

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