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Take Your Passion and Run with It!

K-pop, wildlife, entrepreneurship – whatever you love – put your heart and soul into it, with three weeks surrounded by new sights, sounds, and tastes, and people, far from home. From South Korea to Costa Rica, we’ll take you to the ultimate destination for your topic of choice, generating one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll never forget.   

Whether choose you art, business, the environment, or politics, count on exciting field work, workshops, and expert advice to kick off exciting discoveries about yourself and the distinctive culture around you. Come home with confidence and tools to connect with people, wherever you roam – and new lifelong friends who share your interests.

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Key Components

Concepts that might have been a challenge to grasp in your high school classroom suddenly click into place when you can see, smell, touch, or taste them. In Monteverde, Costa Rica, you might learn about the three legs of sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) in the morning, then see it in action by meeting a nonprofit founder who is helping local women achieve financial independence with sustainable coffee farming, then take a night hike in the cloud forest to look for bats.


Your instructors are not only knowledgeable, they’re part of the communities you explore. Their local connections make it easy to help you learn through authentic hands-on moments – like restoring a mangrove during a conservation program or helping a company brainstorm and test new business solutions during an entrepreneurship program.


One of the best ways to learn about a new culture is to dive into family life with local hosts who are eager to share their meals and homes – along with their customs and values. But there’s more to experience beyond your home away from home. As part of our London Theatre Arts Behind the Scenes program, for example, teens learn about production one more morning, then go backstage at the London National Theatre in the afternoon to see how props and sets are crafted. Fans of marine science might first explore the salpha fish’s nervous system, then hours later, float over a coral reef, watching predators and prey interact.  


Day trips expand your lens, allowing you take in more of the region you’re visiting. In Seville, see both treasured works by Murillo, Pacheco, and de Zurbarán – and captivating urban graffiti – up close. In Botswana, visit the Okavango Delta to see iconic African wildlife in their natural habitat. Wherever you go, your program leader tailors the tour to your group and connects what you see to other discoveries you’ve made.

See For Yourself

Discover Your Passion, Discover Yourself

From diving deep in the big blue to making your first documentary, adventure awaits with a CIEE Global Discovery summer program. 

What Will You Bring Home?


    Before your adventure ends, you get a chance to dig deeper in an area that intrigues you and showcase your findings with your group. Let your creative energy flow or do research and analyze your findings, and meaningful work you can bring home.


    Strengthen your resume with proof of learning in the topic of your program.


    Time and again, teens that travel with us report significant personal growth. See what the numbers say for yourself!

Woven into Every CIEE Adventure

Whether you head to Palma or Botswana, your summer adventure will include three essential ingredients.


Functional language classes allow you to communicate, so you can more fully connect with and appreciate the culture you’re experiencing and serving.Functional language classes allow you to communicate, so you can more fully connect with and appreciate the culture you’re experiencing and serving.


Up for a boat ride to a blue cave on an island where no one lives? Ready to make a splash with surfing lessons? Chase ghosts through a city that dates back to the Middle Ages? Built-in excursions and activities like these are essential parts of every CIEE Global Discovery  program.


Gain insight from an expert’s perspective! CIEE invites special guest speakers to illuminate learning – like successful Irish business founders for our Global Entrepreneur program or contemporary local painters for our arts programs.

Global Discovery Programs

What People are Saying

  • “I will never forget the children I met in Cape Town. Those little boys taught me more in three days than I’ve learned from any service work I’ve done in the U.S. The interactions we had were far more important than the work we did – that realization will impact me forever.”

    —Elizabeth I., Leadership through Mandela’s Example, Cape Town, South Africa