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First Weekend At D.R. (Santiago)

By Jemmy De Leon at CIEE

Fun and Games at Rafey (Accion Callejera) in the morning students went to service at Rafey, and had a lot of fund with the kids and kraft making, the whole... keep reading


Ruta Maya to Kukulkan, The Serpent!

By John Boyle at CIEE

Today, as when the blended society of Mayans and Toltecs inhabited these lands, rain sweeps across the Pok-Ta-Pok grounds and winds whistle through the native flamboyantes, burning red against the... keep reading


Memorable Ending of First Week

By Jemmy De Leon at CIEE

Fun morning at Accion Callejera In the afternoon, students had a class in which it was discussed how to identify power and how can it be used positively and negatively... keep reading


Why I’m Doing a Second High School Summer Abroad

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

Read this post from a Global Navigator alum who shares her experience in Costa Rica and why she's choosing to go on another high school study abroad adventure, this time in Australia!

The CCDA of Santiago

By Shii-Ann W.

The Dominican-American Cultural Center is an educational, cultural and binational institution founded in 1962 in the city of Santiago. It offers a varied program for the teaching of the English... keep reading


First Day of Service: A Remarkable Beginning

By Rihane Zoubairi at CIEE

Our global navigators’ first day of service kicked off with immense enthusiasm as they joined forces with the remarkable Mercy Association for Development and Environment (جمعية الرحمة للتنمية والبيئة). This... keep reading


Hello from Santiago, Chile!

By Tamara Cohen at CIEE

Hello from Santiago, Chile! We have finally made it after quite the long layover back in Miami, but it all worked out in the end! Despite the bumps in the... keep reading

And We're Rolling... To Brussels!

By Jade N.

In 5...4...3...2...1... Action! Hey y’all! My name is Jade Nettrour; however, I go by Jade Tours for my v/ blog. In five days, my Abroad to Belgium Tours will begin... keep reading


Student Takeover: Zenayah

By HS Summer Abroad Program Leaders at CIEE

For myself and everyone else, this two week span to create a product and pitch was rough full of pivot and frequent change. These efforts required a lot of determination... keep reading


Full Immersion

By HS Summer Abroad Program Leaders at CIEE

I'm excited to write today about my favorite event: The Polar Plunge. Every morning at 7:30 AM, a group of students head to the beach in their bathing suits and... keep reading