Memorable Ending of First Week

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Leadership & Service in Youth Development

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Jemmy De Leon

Fun morning at Accion Callejera

In the afternoon, students had a class in which it was discussed how to identify power and how can it be used positively and negatively learning from others and doing group work, very thoughtful.

In the night, there was structured free time, and students went to have nails done, share some ice cream, movies and sightseeing, taking beautiful pictures and having quality moments with their peers from the program, concluding the night with amazing experiences and beautiful moments.

Casabe Experience + Glamping

The Casabe experience started very early in the morning having all students being picked up and started our journey to Monción in Mao province, in which along the way there was a lot of karaoke and lot of music and happiness. We arrived at the Casabe industry and started a tour through the factory that makes casabe massively, showing the participants how is the process from the starting point, going through the hand making part in which participants were able to make their own casabe, ending in the  packaging process to then share casabe of different sizes and flavors.

After this, we took our ride to the glamping spot going through mountains with very high expectations and a lot of energy. We arrived at the glamping spot and we had lunch right away enjoying truly tasty Dominican food. We also had coffee with hand smashed coffee beans and then river time. Cold waters and lots of funny moments with friends. At the end of the day we went back to our home rested and with expectations for the next day, family day!!

Family Day

Unlike other days, today started a bit later than usually with the pick up at the homestays and the way lead us to Palmar Arriba, in Villa Gonzalez, Santiago, in which we were having a beautiful sunny day with pool and lots and lots of food. Sharing stories, swimming, dancing and playing with friends the whole time, and of course a tan on Dominican weather cant pass, so that was also included. The day was very good and the host families were sharing as well making it more like home and making it an unforgeable day.