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  • Fare la pasta! / Making pasta!
    By Sally Bishop at CIEE
    On July 22 and 23, the group split in halves to make pasta with our master pasta chef, Fabiana. She showed us how to make the dough using flour and...keep reading
  • Venezia!!
    By Sally Bishop at CIEE
    Saturday was the day many had been looking forward to - visiting Venice. Arriving by train from Ferrara, we were picked up by our guides who wound us through the...keep reading
  • Let's make Pizza!!
    By Alessia Salamina at CIEE
    Today students had the unique opportunity to learn how to make real Italian Pizza!!! Students met a group of professional "pizzaioli acrobati" (free style pizzamen) from Naples who revealed the...keep reading
  • Relax
    By Sam Gaglio at CIEE
    A standard-issue track is 400 meters around, which roughly equates to four laps per mile. Anyone who has ever raced this distance knows that each of these four laps have...keep reading
  • A Hundred Tiny Islands
    By Sam Gaglio at CIEE
    I often joke with my students back home that in Venice, you can point your camera blindly in any direction and snap a photo fit for a postcard. To say...keep reading
  • Active and immersed in Ferrara
    By Andrew Serio at CIEE
    Our young navigators returned from their weekend trip and immersed themselves once again in the fabric of Ferrara. It has been a week full of Italian language learning and practice...keep reading
  • From Ferrara to the Frasassi
    By Sam Gaglio at CIEE
    Following our first week of classes and activities in Ferrara, it was time to take an Italian road trip! The first stop on our excursion were the Grotte di Frasassi...keep reading

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