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  • Coming to Terms with the Past
    By Amanda Henderson at CIEE
    This past week, students were able to expand their knowledge of Germany’s history in relation to World War 2 and focused specifically on Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust...keep reading
  • Day Trip to Potsdam
    By Emily Cramer at CIEE
    Leaving Berlin On Saturday, students left the city-state of Berlin to visit the capital of Brandenburg. Potsdam was absolutely stunning! The students first had a walking tour of the city...keep reading
  • A Baltic Getaway
    By Emily Cramer at CIEE
    Griefswald On Saturday, the students left the bustling city of Berlin to head to the (relatively) quiet city of Griefswald in northeastern Germany. Upon arrival, students enjoyed lunch at a...keep reading
  • Bernauer Straße
    By Emily Cramer at CIEE
    Berlin Wall Museum On Friday, students toured Bernauer Straße where they explored the remains of the Berlin wall. Before the tour, they learned about the events leading up to its...keep reading
    Exploring the Sights!
    By Amanda Henderson at CIEE
    Hallo von Berlin! Time here is flying by and students have been able to explore the city more every day. After exploring the museums on the Museum Island last week,...keep reading
  • Eating sustainably
    By Pieter du Plessis at CIEE
    Food waste is a major problem all over the world. Roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes —...keep reading

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