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  • We learned so much!
    By Michelle Bernardi at CIEE
    We are in week 4 of this amazing experience. We have learned so much Spanish and have a better understating of life in Barcelona. We started the week with a...keep reading
  • Born Creative and adventurous!
    By Marina Tavarez at CIEE
    Our Barcelona students are on the move this week, immersing themselves deeper and more richly into the dynamically diverse Spanish culture. Our adventurous High schoolers are out and about in...keep reading
  • Empúries Excursion
    By Spenser Gilchrist at CIEE
    We traveled back in time at the Empúries Greco-Roman ruins last Saturday. The day began with an hour-and-a-half bus ride north to the Costa Brava. Most of us dozed off...keep reading
  • Montjuïc
    By Matt Fischetti at CIEE
    This week students have been getting to know the city of Barcelona: their neighborhoods, the metro, and the various neighborhoods that comprise downtown Barcelona. On Thursday we went on a...keep reading
  • Welcome to Barcelona Session 2!!
    By Jacob Badin at CIEE
    Welcome everyone to the Barcelona Language & Culture program Session 2! During this session there will be 8 of us Program Leaders all sharing our day-to-day activities with you all!...keep reading
  • Adiós!
    By Stephanie Humphrey at CIEE
    How quickly 4 weeks have flown by in Barcelona! Today was the last day of class for the program. After, we celebrated the end of a successful program with a...keep reading

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