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Global Entrepreneurship

Authored By:

Hailie Mentz

Our Global Entrepreneurship students have had a busy first few days of settling in, fighting jet lag, and getting acquainted with the beautiful city of Dublin (though the first full day was quite rainy). 

The journey began with a long travel day(s) as students flew from all across the United States and Europe to arrive in Ireland. 

We then boarded the bus to Highlight Student Accommodations to drop off our bags before heading on a short tour of The Liberties, the neighborhood we’ll be living in for the duration of the program. The Liberties was originally one of several areas outside medieval Dublin’s city walls– our accommodation was actually built around one of these ancient walls, uncovered during the building’s renovation and now a key feature of the courtyard. Now, The Liberties hosts Dublin’s Digital Hub, where tomorrow’s disruptors are today’s start-ups. Living in such a business-booming area will be a great opportunity for the Global Entrepreneurs!

After exploring the neighborhood and St. Patrick’s Park, we walked to The Landmark for dinner. Many of the students ate a local staple- fish and chips! YUM!!! We then went back to Highlight, where everyone fell asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow. 

Day two began with an orientation session, which allowed the students to learn a little bit more about Ireland’s population and culture. The students were taught how to take the bus and get to Dublin City University’s campus where they’ll be having class each day. 

After eating on campus, students split up and explored Dublin on foot. CIEE staff led us around the city’s most iconic spots, walking through Temple Bar, seeing Trinity College, and checking out the nearly 400 ft tall landmark, the Spire.

The night ended with students from both CIEE Dublin programs gathering to share facts about themselves and get to know each other a little better. Each student chose a number between 1 and 3,000 and got to respond to the corresponding question from the book 3000 Questions About Me. They answered the important questions that teens all around the world must ask themselves like, “Would you date a divorced person?” and “On what occasion would you lie?” 

With a tiring first two days under their belts, students tucked in early to prepare for Day 3, the first day of class.