A weekend visit to a castle and farm

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Global Entrepreneurship

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Elaina Loyd

The Dublin Global Entrepeneurship students had an exciting Saturday excursion to Trim Castle and Causey Farm.

Students boarded the bus and had our first stop in the city of Trim to view Trim Castle. The city of Trim holds the most medeival buildings in all of Ireland, and Trim Castle is the largest and most impressive of these buildings. Students enjoyed touring the grounds of Trim Castle and meandering through the small and quaint streets of Trim to grab a coffee and relax. 

After our stop at Trim castle, the students boarded our bus for a trip to Causey farm. We had a blast at Causey farm! First we watched a sheepdog competition where the dogs were judged on how well they herded sheep through various obstacles. Then, we toured the farm and saw the different animals that live at Causey farm. The group also tried their hand at making Irish soda bread, and ate that for a snack on their bus ride home. The day at Causey farm ended with a muddy jump in a bog! We didn't mind the dirt, and had a great laugh together.