Weekend in Marrekech part 2

Authored by:
Ami Hauser

Ami Hauser

The last day of our weekend in Marrekech, our students departed on a day trip to Ourika Valley located in the Atlas mountains.  Here, you will find the indigenous people of Morocco, the Amazigh who live in villages in this area.  Students were also able to ride camels along the way! 

We were warmly welcomed in Ourika at a Guest House where we had tea to start the visit.  After tea, our group took off on a hike in the mountains.  We had beautiful views of the atlas mountains in beautiful weather with a cool breeze. At the summit of our hike, we came upon a village and met an Amizigh family who welcomed us into their home. 

After the hike, we returned to the guest house where we had a delicious lunch of salad, and tagines and watermelon for dessert.  After lunch we gathered as a group on the terrasse and had a groupm debrief and reflection about what we observed and learned about the Amazigh culture, land and people. 



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