A Weekend in Iguazú

Authored by:
Francis Burns

Amy, a student from New Jersey, wrote the following blog post about our weekend trip to Iguazú.

A place full of happiness and where the only thing that does not exist is sadness. All that bad feelings or  thoughts go away and you only contemplate the beautiful colors, and the sounds around it. It has been a while since we went to Iguazu and I really can't believe I was there. I told Erika “this seriously feels like a dream, this can't be real." Well guess what, it was real and it was so real that it is very stuck in my head and I am really thankful for going, want to know why? 

 Well here I go. It was Friday July 19 at 6:00 am where this adventure was going to start and a fancy bus took us to the airport. We got to the airport, I have to admit that I have never ever in my entire life have seen a plane so close as how I did on July 19th and I was very excited, tired but as I said, that feeling doesn't matter on these types of trips. Anyway, the sunset was coming out just when we were going to take off and it was the greatest miracle that life has given us. Once we arrived we saw red sand and Vanessa explained to us that Iguazu was known for its sand and for its place full of the tree of different colors. We had lunch together and it was the day when I got to see new things from my classmates. 

The second day we went to ¡IGUAZÚ! and it was full of surprises and natural creatures. Once we were on our way to the Iguazú side, I saw a place that instantly reminded me of the book “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” I could literally see little Huck and old Jim on their boats searching for their goal and I realized that in a couple of seconds I would find my goal. Once we were in Iguazu it was fresh since water was hitting you in the face all the time, but it was very joyful that the only thing that I could think is “Wow, is this real?” People we’re asking me if I was alright, and definitely I was. I was contemplating the most amazing place in the entire world. My aunt told me that she cried the first time she went to Iguazu and I kind of felt what she was feeling at that moment. Everyone was taking pictures and selfies. One of my peers was taking very artistic pictures that everyone in the group loved them. One of the funniest creatures were the coatis, they were doing crazy things just to make us laugh, or maybe that’s how they are, who knows. Coatis were thieves, they were robbing everyone’s food which was kind of rude and if you were trying to take the food away from them I just have to tell you two words ‘be careful’. One of the coatis was trying to get in top of my bag, I thought it would be the last day I would ever appreciate a coati, I was so scared that I screamed. 

We had a friends day and we went to the pool, I have to admit that the water was FREEZING but still we got into the pool. One of our program leaders Fran, taught us how to swim, it was my first time swimming and I had so much fun. In our meeting, everyone were saying who they appreciated and I was glad to see that everyone has made a connection with each other. We were all laughing about the jokes that everyone usually make. In our last day in Iguazu we went to a mine and it was fun to go and learn new things for example on what workers do and what happens to the pieces that are not used for the purpose that everything else is used for. On our way back, it was a mess but a good one. Our flight got delayed but arrived safely to Buenos Aires, yes we were kind of tired but the trip was worth it. Next day we had a new adventure and it was to go to school and learn to move on.

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