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Robin Hamilton

Robin Hamilton

WOW! What an incredible time we shared this weekend in Hyderabad.

While the schedule was designed to be more relaxing and fun...embracing new cultural experiences, engaging in deep and reflective conversations, and trying new food and activities all came with learning, growing, and more LEARNING!

Global Navigator with Voice 4 Girls Trainer, Evlyn

After our global navigators spent the first week on campus completing their training with Voice 4 Girls, it was only right to have some self care time.  We took a stroll through campus to catch public transit to shop at a local supermarket for necessary items needed for the remaining weeks here.

Global Navigators strolling through north campus
Waiting for our rickshaw
Waiting for our rickshaw!
And we're off! 

Before leaving Tagore however, we spent time discussing ethical photography and reflecting on intent versus impact when taking pictures outside our individual culture and spaces. The global navigators were then asked to capture moments that they were curious about and those that were obvious for us to have a community conversation later.

When we were done with morning shopping it was time for painting, henna, and what turned into a meditative space for focus and creativity.

From free hand sketching to painting, shading, and putting on final touches...all in 4 sitting hours! 
Medatative thought and focus = CREATIVITY! 
"Henna is much harder than it looks!"... a common conclusion from our global navigators
But the finish product is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Service, learning, humility, and gratitude all took place on Sunday at the Akshay Patra Foundation, “a not-for-profit organisation that strives to eliminate classroom hunger by providing mid-day meals for government and government-aid schools, and also aims to counter malnutrition and support the right to education of socio-economically disadvantaged children.” It’s overall mission is that “no child in India shall be deprived of an education because of hunger.” You’re invited to visit https://www.akshayapatra.org/ to learn more about this phenomenal organization.

The story of Akshay Patra began in the late 70s...
Through service of benevolence and compassion...
This dynamic program has a goal of feeding 5 million kids by 2025!

We wrapped up our first weekend here prepping and planning for the first day of class. Our global navigators were nervous yet excited to put together their lessons. In fact, most insisted on not having a break between dinner and prep time. They simply wanted to get started!

“Where’s the scissors? How does this look? Ohhh we can totally do this activity first...They’ll love it! Do you think the kids will like us? What else do we need to do?”... were all things shared during prep time.

We are looking forward to our week with Voice 4 Girls being eye opening, a balance of challenge and support, and having a fun time learning through service. Be sure to check back for more updates from Hyderabad!!!




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