A Weekend in El Quisco

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Tamara Cohen

Our second full weekend in Chile was a ton of fun- it was our weekend getaway to "El Quisco", which is a Chilean coastal town.  Despite it being on the coast, we didn't see much of the beach, but we did do a lot of fun things!


Our first activity was an hour and a half long hike through the wildness of this protected area called Quebrada de Cordova.  Our expert guide pointed out various species of trees and plants, and we got to see the hummingbirds fluttering.

We also spent a few minutes in silence, just to take in the beauty around us.

After our hike and a quick walk through the neighboring village, we were ready for dinner and then an interesting astrology lesson from the same person who was our guide on the hike.  Unfortunately, the clouds prevented us from seeing any stars, but we know what to look for!


After breakfast at the hotel, we got to experience beekeeping!  We learned all about the ins and outs of what goes into making honey- from the equipment, to the types of bees, and the various types of honey.

  From there, we got to experience beekeeping up close and personal!

We took turns using the protective suits and we were sure glad we had them!  We were so close to the bees that we could have touched them!

After learning about the bees and getting to see them at work, it was time to try some honey!  We tried lots of varieties and commented on the different flavors and textures of each one.  We certainly had varieties that we enjoyed more than others.


After a nice lunch, it was back into the action!  We had two activities planned for the afternoon.  First was yoga!  We learned a bit about alternative medicine and the importance of being in touch with your body.  We learned correct posture, some breathing techniques, and how to center ourselves.  We practiced some beginner yoga, and then did about 20 minutes of meditation- some people even fell asleep!  

It's safe to say that some of us were more centered than others...

After our lovely yoga practice, we learned a bit about the benefits of various types of fruits and their medicinal properties.  Whether you believe in the benefits of the fruit or not, it's safe to say that the juice we made was delicious!

We enjoyed 3 glasses of juice and then we were off!  We headed back to Santiago and got in around 7:30.  It was a wonderful weekend, full of activities, laughs, smiles, and new memories.  We returned feeling rejuvinated for the last stretch of this trip!


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