Week 1 - Student Takeover!

Authored by:
Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams
My first week in Morocco went unexpected, but in the most amazing and unforgettable way. I was exposed to many new and different experiences which allowed me to interact with a number of people in ways I didn’t imagine myself capable of. From attempting to learn Darija in order to converse with the locals to teaching American games to the children at Dar Chabab, everything I did was challenging and yet exciting. This trip has given me so much opportunity and I am able to learn something from every new activity and adventure, which allows me to grow as a person and therefore expand my personality as well as my knowledge. I discovered an exquisite culture full of delicious food and incredibly kind people which shares both similarities and contradictions to my own home culture. Through living with a host family and watching the local children play at their school, my expectations have been succeeded and my mind opened about the world I live in. I have realized many concepts about this world that are often misconceived, and I intend to take this knowledge and share it with those in my home country upon my return. The beginning of my time here has been amazing and I cannot wait to see what else I encounter as I make the most of my remaining two weeks on my journey. Bailey Boyster

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