Visiting Longshan Temple

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Chinese Language & Taiwanese Culture

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Ning Zhang

"From one of our recent trip to Longshan Temple with rest of the group. I was able to observe the culture aspect of Taiwanese in religion form. As the culture is heavily based on religion. The beautiful architecture styles and each symbol that was carved into the walls resembles a story behind the Chinese characters. As a Muslim honored to perceive other religions have opened more doors of knowledge for me. In my religion knowledge is an important factor of being a Muslim the more you consume the better you will understand about others. One interesting fact I learned that there aren’t only one god but multiple for each different purpose. People come to worship and ask for fortune and heath. This small fact has became a memorable experience of my understanding about Taiwanese culture."  By Faiza Gholame, Foothill High School, California.

"Longshan Temple is a very sacred and beautiful place, with its main idol being Guanshiyin Buddha along with other gods and divines. The temple has beautifully crafted architecture, from the writings on each pillar to the gods depicted inside the actual temple. The carvings are also truly remarkable, the colors popping out in a way that invokes pure visceral emotion. There are devout singers and common people alike, who come to the temple to pray. I honestly felt rude to intrude on the people praying during the tour, but I can see why it is a very popular tourist destination for foreigners. The atmosphere is calming, and there are many options given for how you want to pray. Offerings are given up, along with incense in order to communicate with the divine. Additionally, jiaobei, also known as moon blocks, are used as a form of divination for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. I am very glad to have witnessed the traditions of Chinese religion, and I feel that going to the temple was incredibly enlightening." By Dakota Cash, Hackettstown High School, New Jersey

"I liked my visit to Lunghsan Temple located in the Wanhua District of Taipei. When I walked through the gates, the sound from the waterfall caught my attention. I was impressed by the detail on the dragons on top of the temple. The temple’s interior was ornately designed with areas designated for certain gods. When the tour guide explained why people were sitting around the main courtyard; I could sense the importance to believers." By Benjamin Sun, North Hunterdon High School, Annandale, New Jersey.