Village and Château and Crêpes...OH MY!

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Jeanelle Wheeler

Jeanelle Wheeler

Day 2...Cornouaille Weekend Adventure!

When we woke up this morning to the steady sounds of waves crashing and seagulls crying, we were eager to breathe in the morning air of Concarneau’s bay.  We headed down for a group hostel breakfast…and then quickly scurried back to the rocks and the water for a few more breaths of the fresh sea air.

Time to leave already?  And alas…it was!  As we headed back on the bus and watched the Brittany countryside pass by, we finally stopped at a charming village called Locronan that seemed to be a page out of a Disney fairytale book.  We wandered across the cobblestone roads, peeking into churches and bookstores.  And then we got treated to a crêperie - Ar Billig - where we collectively devoured some delicious crêpes and galettes that are typical of the region.  (Délicieux!)

Then it was time to head back on the bus for our final destination - Traveréz - and wow it did not disappoint.  We strolled through the gardens and the “château” that had willowy, linen figures spread throughout the rooms as if ghosts of the pre-World War II bombing of the building.

Soon it was time to hop back on the bus through the twisting back roads of Brittany's countryside.  We had ventured off the beaten path of our familiar Université Rennes 2 metro stop.  But when our tour bus returned us back to the good 'ol "Villejean" metro stop, we knew...there's no place like our Rennes home!

(Check out this video for all the smiles and splashes we had throughout our weekend adventure in the region Cornouaille!)


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