"Vert Le Jardin"..Rain or Shine

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Sophie Cowley

Traveling abroad with CIEE is not just about eating delicious foods and visiting amazing sites. CIEE supports the students with becoming better global citizens and be a positive influence even abroad. The weather wasn't ideal (although typical for Brittany), the students still enjoyed leaving their "mark" by making a difference. 

Painting Station


Are you familiar with the idea of shared community gardens?
Today the students learned more about this concept while learning about conserving our environment and simple steps to go green. Students also "ont mis les mains a la pâte" (got their hands dirty) by helping to improve the garden grounds. 

Many hands make the work easy.

In groups they collaborated around the rehabilitation of a shared community space/garden and discover its purpose and social dimension. 

Team work

This was a great opportunity to talk to locals and learn about current issues and challenges that are important to their community.