Unveiling the Passionate Rhythms of Spain

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Spanish Language & Culture

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Jacob Badin

As we wrap up the second week of the program, we’ve found one common theme this week, and that is Spanish Art. This week the students went on a journey where they delved into the heart and soul of Spanish flamenco dancing. Flamenco is a vibrant dance form that embodies the emotions, struggles, and triumphs of the Spanish people. Beyond the dance, students learned about the historical and cultural significance of flamenco, gaining a deeper appreciation for this living, breathing tradition. 

As an integral part of the program, participants also crafted their very own abanicos, the quintessential Spanish fan. Guided by a seasoned CIEE FANatic, students designed and created personalized abanicos, exploring the artistry and heritage of this essential accessory in flamenco performances.   This hands-on experience will provide not only a tangible memento of their journey but also an understanding of the craftsmanship that is intrinsic to Spanish culture. Throughout this activity, they were able to show their skills and paint whatever designs they wanted.

The importance of abanicos (aside from them giving us a mini air conditioning unit in the midst of this summer heat) is to communicate with other performers and the audience during the Flamenco performances. These two activities tied together perfectly and allowed the students to personalize their dance style while learning flamenco.