An Unforgettable Day in Cádiz

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Spanish Language & Culture

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Nekane Del Sol

Last Saturday, June 15th, the students of our High School Summer Abroad program enjoyed a day full of history and culture in the charming city of Cádiz. The day began with excitement as we departed from Seville, filled with laughter and high expectations.


Upon arriving in Cádiz, we started a walking tour through the narrow streets of the city center, exploring the Town Hall Square, the Pópulo neighborhood, the Roman Theatre, and the majestic Cathedral. The city's Phoenician, Roman, and Arab heritage left the students in awe. They asked many questions to the guide and were able to enjoy all of this on a very sunny day.

Next, we climbed one of the Cathedral towers, enjoying wonderful panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. We continued the tour through the Plaza de las Flores and the Market, where the local colors and aromas captivated our senses. The students could see what life is like in the city in two typical settings for the people of Cádiz.

The tour ended at La Caleta beach, where the students enjoyed free time to relax on the beach and savor the magnificent cuisine that Cádiz offers. It was a perfect moment to get to know other participants better and share experiences.

Finally, we returned to Seville, laughing and sharing all the experiences we had.

An unforgettable experience!