Trips to Estancia la Mimosa and Teatro Colon

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Spanish Language & Argentinian Culture

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Danielle Beliveau

This weekend, we experienced the rich culture and traditions of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our first stop was Estancia la Mimosa, a picturesque ranch that is home to the iconic gaucho traditions. From horseback riding to meat cooked a la parilla, we sampled a bit of the traditional life. The highlight of the visit was witnessing the captivating folkloric dance, a true reflection of Argentina's vibrant culture.

After a fun day at the Estancia, we immersed ourselves in history and grandeur at the historic Teatro Colon. The exquisite architecture and opulence of the theater set the stage for a mesmerizing ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty. As the dancers gracefully moved across the stage, we were transported to a fairy-tale world filled with magic and artistry.

It was a weekend filled with adventure, culture, and beauty, offering unforgettable memories that will stay with us forever. Buenos Aires never fails to captivate with its diverse experiences, making it a truly enchanting destination for students studying abroad.