A Trip to TK Beads

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Kaylee Haskell

Kaylee Haskell

Last week, the Global Navigators had the opportunity to visit the TK Bead Making Factory.

The students learned about the bead making process which consists of grinding down recycled glass bottles. Afterwards, they took turns crushing the glass into fine powder. After learning about the process, the students were able to use their creative skills to decorate their own set of beads before firing them in the kiln.

Each student thoroughly enjoyed the bead decorating and later were able to purchase beads, from waist beads to necklaces and bracelets, the students were able to purchase their favorite designs.


Keyandra and Kaylee

Twi Word of the Day-

Today's Twi word of the day is ahwene3 which translates to bead in English. The Global Navigators had a great time during their beadmaking experience!


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