A tribute to Piedras Sagradas

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Eblin Molina

Eblin Molina

La Semana Meridana offers a lot of events to experience and immerse ourselves in the Yucatecan life. Among the many events, we were lucky to enjoy Piedras Sagradas. Piedras Sagradas (Sacred stones) is an amazing show of lights that uses modern technology as a tool to teach about the Mayan history of Mérida and how it has influenced its rich culture, its vibrant present, and how Yucatecans use it to continue building their future.

We started arriving at Plaza Grande, across from the San Idelfonso's Cathedral, at 7:00 PM to find good seats and wait for the show to begin. When it got dark, the show began! A wonderful light display was projected on the front walls of the cathedral, which, as much of Merida, was built on top of the Mayan city of THó. Music and narration, both in Mayan and in Spanish, accompanied the display, telling the history of the stones that were used to build this beautiful Cathedral.

We had a great time following the stories and the lights, listening to the dramatic music, and learning about Merida’s beginnings, trying to understand Merida’s present, and imagining Merida’s future.

This is an experience that we will never forget!

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