Time to say goodbye

Authored by:
Milo Spotti

Our last week in Rome has just begun. It’s overwhelming how time flies! We are creating the last memories that we hope will last forever. 
Visiting the Vatican Museums, having a picnic in Villa Borghese, enjoying the view of the Fontana di Trevi at night are just some of the postcards we will bring with us when we go back home. 
Probably, apart from its art, Italy is most known for its food. During these weeks spent together we had the chance to get to know different flavors that are part of this beautiful culture.
Suppli, pizza, pasta, gelato, grattachecca, maritozzo and so on.

I think the most memorable part of this trip was the bond that these incredible teenagers made in Italy. It’s a truly life changing experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of this experience and hopefully encourage them to immerse themselves into the culture.

It takes courage to leave what we are used to behind for one entire month, leaving our cultures, our family, our friends and crossing the ocean. 

And it takes passion to create a whole new family

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