They See Me Rolling (Donuts)

Authored by:
Nathan Bynum

On our official second day, we're starting to get into a groove of how Dublin life will work. Before class today, we went to a shop called The Rolling Donut. There we tried lots of different types of filled donuts, including a unicorn donut, peanut butter cup donut and blueberry cheese cake donut. After we enjoyed our donut, we talked with the owner of the seven-store donut shop. We learned a lot about her struggles and triumphs as a small business owner in Dublin. 

We went to class to continue the conversation and formed groups to start to talk about our business pitches for the end of the program. After class we hurried home, grabbes some lunch and embarked on our afternoon endeavor. 

In the afternoon we rode bikes around Phoenix Park--Europe's largest park within a capitol city. We had a scavenger hunt to do. We started off strong! We spent quite bit of time off the beaten path, took a few breaks, played with some nearly domisticated deer, and stopped for some amazing ice cream. Here's to hoping we're not sore tomorrow!!! 

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