"There are no Cowboys in Ghana!"

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The Global Navigators learned of the impressive Ghanaian beadmaking process at the T.K. Beads Factory’s location in Adenta. Established in 1989, the manufacturing company creates its pieces of art by repurposing recycled bottles found throughout Ghana. First the students received a brief history of the company and then began the tedious task of designing their own beads. Equipped with a cassava stalk, toothpick, and a steady hand, the Global Navigator carefully painted their own jewelry with an array of colors. Guided by the location owner Madame Vivienne, the student toured the compound and saw a glimpse of the process including: breaking bottles into fine pieces of glass, baking and coloring the crumbled shards of glass, and the delicate time workers spent designing the beads. After the tour the students spent time shopping for original waist beads, bracelets, fans, necklaces, and earrings.

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For dinner, the group sauntered into Potbelly Shack, an American Western-styled themed restaurant. Welcomed by decked out rhinestone cowboys, the group ate an assortment of items that reminded them of home. When asked by CIEE staff Rachel Akata about the relevance of the establishment to Ghanaian history, she replied “There are no cowboys in Ghana!.” Satisfied with that quizzical response, the group mowzied back to the bus to take the long ride back to East Legon.  

Photo for blog post "There are no Cowboys in Ghana!"

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