A Taste of Barcelona at the Boquería Market

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Graham Cruise

Graham Cruise

In the center of Barcelona lies one of the most exciting places to find fresh local foods: The Boquería Market. The largest of its kind in the historic old city center, it first opened in the 1200s to sell meat and continues to attract locals and visitors today with a much wider-range of fare. From traditional Spanish foods like paella and jamón, to more international dishes like empanadas and ramen, to things on the sweeter side like candies and smoothies, students sampled a variety of delicacies while browsing the innumerable offerings. 

Tasked to take selfies and snapshots of the most expensive seafood, the most unusual fruit, and something “with a face and eyes,” students ran around the celebrated market experiencing and photographing all the flavors and peculiarities.

The Boquería Scavenger Hunt!

Another part of the challenge put students' Spanish language skills to the test by ordering food on their own and asking locals to provide answers to a few mysteries, such as the number of stands there are and what year the market opened. Leaving the market still hungry would most certainly be an impossibility with such a mix of unique options to savor, one cannot pass up the opportunity to visit this one-of-a-kind locale to taste something unique to Barcelona.

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