Take a historical trip in DaDaoCheng

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Chinese Language & Taiwanese Culture

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Sean Hsieh

Today we visited the historic neighborhood of Da Dao Cheng. Established during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, Da Dao Cheng originated as a trading post. The area’s location immediately next to the river allowed it to become a thriving market for the plethora of incoming goods shipped into the Taiwanese harbor. The CIEE group received a tour of the neighborhood, experiencing many historic landmarks. We visited the ‘Cupid’ temple, a temple where singles can go to receive matchmaking from the love god. Over 5,000 people have flocked to the temple annually to receive relationship advice. After the Cupid Temple, we walked down Di Hua street, one of the oldest streets in Taipei. This street was lined with vendors selling tea, spices, and other bulk goods. The aging architecture, branded with trademarks of historic trading companies, demonstrated the significance of the location. Alongside the tea and spice shops were pottery studios, filled with ornate teapots. A gander inside transports you back in time. The city has taken deliberate steps to maintain the historical integrity of the neighborhood, preserving the external architecture while modernizing the interior workings. Despite the sweltering heat, we soldiered on through the neighborhood. Guided down small streets, we were introduced to significant buildings. The manor of a wealthy man from the early 20th century stands out as our tour guide tells us it was the first building in the area with a functioning toilet. The differences between the older architecture and the newer constructions were obvious as Roman columns turned into tiled siding and stone terraces turned into rounded bay windows. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the visual history lesson that expanded my understanding of the evolution of the world.  -Stella