Students' Favorite Moments

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Cailey Oehler

Cailey Oehler


As the program comes to a close we are reflecting on what we have learned and experienced this month in Buenos Aires. I have included a few photos of our final excursion to the panoramic view of the Obelisk. 

For this post students have shared images that remind them of what made the program special to them. 

One student Angeles sent a photo of her language class which had a tight-knit community feel and where everyone enjoyed learning together. Similarly, Phoebe added that she will fondly remember the good experience the class had together. Suzanna chose another photo of the same language class, this time at the Obelisk. 

Ruby sent a photo of herself enjoying lunch with her friends, part of the experience she loved for the opportunity to get to know and connect with her peers. 

Yamileth shared a photo of herself with her friends in a beautiful rose garden on a Saturday excursion. She is looking forward to keeping in touch with the friends she made on the program. 

Dharvi selected a portrait of herself and friends on our day trip to San Ceferino and commented that the friends she made here are kind and funny. 

While students made great strides in their language abilities and learned to navigate Argentine life, the connections they made with peers, faculty, and others around them have also been greatly impactful. 




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