Student Spotlight - What's it like to live with a host family?

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Arabic Language & Moroccan Culture

Authored By:

Ami Hauser


This post was written by one of our students - Zaevion Hyman

I love my host family how I love my family at home! My time at my homestay is just as important as my time learning. Most of my knowledge of Moroccan culture has been simply from living with a Moroccan family. My first day with my host family was very welcoming. The language barrier was difficult though my host sisters who speak English engaged with me and kept me in the family conversation. My host sisters take the time to get to know me, let me do their hair, wash my hair, and really bond with me. My host family has been caring since my first day in their home. I feel at home and apart of the family because of their many efforts.
      Anywhere the family goes I’m right along! My family has taken me to their favorite places, to their grandmother’s house, and even to run simple errands. Being at my host grandmother’s house has put me in the position to see their immediate family and that really makes me feel like family. My host grandmother is very caring and loving, our bond is as close as a grandmother and granddaughter could get in a month. I feel like I have a family in Morocco forever, I see myself coming back for a visit.