Student Spotlight: Michael Busch

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Nihal Bouabida

Nihal Bouabida

Salaam Wa Alaykum سلام وعليكم! 

My name is Michael Busch. I am participating in the Mentoring Youth Program in Mohammedia, Morocco. Today we took a day trip to the beautiful capital of Morocco, Rabat. We began the day with a tour of Hassan tower built in 1199 which was across from the Mohammed the 5th mosque and mausoleum. We explored the intricate ancient architectural design found throughout the city. We then wandered the pearl white buildings that hug the streets of the مدينة قديمة (Old City) where we spotted reminiscence of the unique cultures that left an everlasting mark on the city. 

I specifically enjoyed our walk along the Atlantic coast that blesses Rabat with cool winds. The greens and blues of the ocean contrasted with the crisp white edges of city walls composed so phantasmagoric that photography couldn't perfectly capture its aesthetic. Turquoise and amber colored minarets protrude from clusters of quaint homes that line the sandy beach.

For lunch we dined at a restaurant that specializes in cuisine from the Levant, specifically Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. I enjoyed the Chicken Shawarma with frites (fries) and كنافة (Kunefe), a desert consisting of savory cheese topped with a layer of crispy pastry, and القطر (a sweet syrup). The flavors reminded me of my family's Turkish cooking back home, warming my stomach and heart.

We then drifted across the أبو رقراق (Bouregreg) River that separates Rabat and Salé with our fellow Mohammedia locals with whom we discussed local traditions, culture, and lifestyles. I absorbed Moroccan culture and incorporated the events I observed today into my palette of experiences that will assist me in achieving paramount open mindedness. 

Today is a day I will never forget as I have learned so much about Moroccan culture and lifestyle that will accompany me for many years to come. As Morocco blesses me with a sense of community that I have never felt before, I have learned that the immense compassion, sympathy, and hospitality of Moroccans shine through any dilemmas that face this kingdom.

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