Student Spotlight - Isabelle Greenberg , Tangier Excursion

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Jalyn McNeal

Jalyn McNeal

"Zreq", meaning blue, was the word of the day this weekend as our group traveled to the medina of Tangier. After an early start, we began by taking a break from the sun and visiting the eary Cave of Hercules. Now what is special about the cave is not what is inside it but rather what it opens up to. At the back of the cave, our group was met with a giant crack in the cave's pitch black rock that allows a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean in its best form. The vivid greens and blues of the ocean were framed beautifully by the dark. Do our Program Leaders know a good photo OP destination or what?!  

After feeding some Instagram needs, we went into the medina of Tangier for lunch (and when we say lunch we mean bread, bread, BREAD). Because every second is a learning opportunity on this trip, it is no surprise that we got a bit of a history lesson while in this serene city. The Kasbah (the more medieval-esque section of any medina) has been rebuilt in Tangier multiple times. Initially an army base for Morocco,  it is now a quiet beautiful sea (quite literally, it is very blue) of winding cobblestone streets filled top to bottom with vivid architecture. 

Once we were released from our amazing  Program Leaders for free time, we quickly realized the differences in shopping between Rabat and Tangier. Some of us were quite relieved at the slower pace. Tangier was abundant with carpets, postcards, and beautiful views of Spain just across the water as we explored. After many weeks of bargaining practice, we all procured a fare amount of presents for family and friends (US families, get ready for alot of color and spice)!

Blissed out from the day, we climbed onto the unsaid participant of this program, Bus, and began the trek back home to the comfort of carbs and sleep in Rabat.

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