Student Spotlight - Helena Shimeless, Playland Skhirat

Authored by:
Jalyn McNeal

Jalyn McNeal

During our last week we had a chill field day at a place called Playland. On the bus ride over we had a fun time with music. Hanging out together was like our own mini party. When we got there it automatically gave a very fun atmosphere. There was a pool, a soccer field, a playground, and other activities to play including paintball and a maze.

At the pool we had a fun time playing Marco Polo and swimming. At the soccer field we practiced our Arabic and made friends with some of the other kids there. For the maze we split up into two teams and there was a competition on which team could find all the colors in the maze and find the exit first.

This was a great way for all of us to enjoy one of our last days together.

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