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Honors French Language & Culture

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Jeanelle Wheeler

[A week ago, CIEE Rennes participant Chris Vergara asked me if he could give a speech for the farewell dinner last night and contribute to a blog post.  Chris impressed everyone with his skills as an orator as he walked throughout the restaurant with his speech memorized.  Here are his words to our whole group last night, accompanied by two incredible videos he made about his Rennes experience.  Merci beaucoup, Chris!]

Tout le monde, j’aimerais faire un discours

The first thing is please take a moment to thank all of our wonderful program leaders, teachers and the individuals who worked tirelessly to manage and create this fine program.

As I look through this room I now no longer see strangers.

Looking from my left to my right, now I only see my friends.

No matter how far away you all are from me, I will cherish you deeply and hold the memories of France with you all close to my heart.

However, I know some of us had a difficult time with being in France. I know some of you did not want to be here or had no choice but to come. But looking at last week's Saturday night. I saw the joy inside of each and every one of you, conversing as if we were one gigantic family.

Donc, j’aimerais dire, prenez des risques, vivez votre vie, demander à cette fille ou à ce gars de sortir à 3h du matin. 

And most of all, be yourself because I know someone will love you for who you are. 

I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you all and I wouldn’t ask for any other group of people. Love y’all


[Merci à TOI, Chris! Now let's check out his video of his CIEE experience!]


[Here is a video about Rennes from Chris that he made for a French class project.  Check it out below to explore the city through his eyes!]