Student Experience: Angelisa

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Emma Butler

From day 1, Rennes was already nothing like I expected. It wasn’t as romantic as Paris or as touristy as Province. There definitely isn’t as much as one expects there to be. But Rennes’ smaller size turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Within mere days I was able to navigate my way around town and even with already paying a visit to most of the tourist-heavy attractions by the end of Week 1, there was still plenty to do. Rennes has many hidden treasures: places like Park du Thabor, the beautiful gardens, and the lively streets. Overall, Rennes has been full of suprises for me, and even though there were a few of things I would’ve changed here and there if I had the chance redo this experience, but this was most definitely a meaningful and worthwhile experience!