Street Art Workshop in Paris

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French Language & Culture

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Elaina Loyd

For this week's cultural activities, students are split into three groups. Group A visited Bercy skatepark Monday to attend a street art workshop and create a fresco right on the walls of this popular skatepark. 

First, students were given a demonstration of different techniques to use when using spray paint as a medium. Then, students were divided into smaller groups to begin brainstorming ideas to begin their creation. Their first brainstorming activity was to come up with five words that really spoke to them about their time in Paris. Then, they shared those words with group members to see if there were any similar thoughts. Once themes began to emerge, students then began to sketch their ideas that arose from their combined brainstorming. Finally, it was time to get messy! Once the ideas were sketched, students picked up the spray paint to begin creating. The final three projects that were made were fantastic! This truly is living art!


Let's learn French! 

atelier- workshop

couleur- color

peinture aérosol - spray paint

bombe de peinture - spray paint can

créer- to create