Street Art Parisian style

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French Language & Culture

In Paris, as in most large cities, street art greets you on every corner, on almost every street.  While some might not consider this a traditional form of art, the expression and creativity is truly evident in the variety of color, form and style.

Today students themselves became the artists in a collaborative mural project.  With the instruction of Joris Delacour ( and his team, students learned the basics of painting with spray cans and let their imaginations run wild!  While is may look easy, it is anything but!  The angle and distance that you hold the can, along with the pressure you place on the spray can, determine the kind of line and detail you will achieve. 

In addition to expressing themselves artistically, students also learned the French terminology of Street Art such taggeur, tagger, une bombe (spray can), les lignes courbes, etc.  Street art has become a form of artistic expression that adds to the beauty of a location as well as opens the mind to a new way of seeing art.  CIEE participants now have the experience of creating something together.