Spooky, Scary Skeletons!

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French Language & Culture

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Perry Kanov

Halloween in July, anyone? This week, our Global Navigators had the opportuity to visit the Paris Catacombs. These underground ossuaries built within a tunnel system beneath Paris contain the remains of more than six million people. Just after 1776, the city began work on creating the Catacombs as a way to minimize the overcrowding of the city's cemeteries. In 1810, revonations were completed to make the Catacombs a visitable mausoleum. These renovations are what still remain today, with what seems like never-ending walls of bones stacked to the ceiling, intricate displays of skulls in various shapes, plaques with errie messages, and carvings visible through different corridors. The Navigators were intrigued by their visit, but most were relieved to see daylight once we returned to ground level.