So much to FARE! So much to VEDERE!

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Francesca Cellini

Francesca Cellini

In these past couple weeks, students have done and seen so many things! 

From learning how to make a fresco and mosaics to visiting the Colosseum, St. Peter's dome and the Vatican Museum. Students have really been diving into the Italian culture, history, and language.

Most recently students have visited a near by town, Tivoli, and it's famous Villa d'Este. The beautiful Villa has incredible fresco's in every room, but the most unique thing is the breathtaking garden. The garden has over 100 fountains, some of which have been the background for famous movies. A couple days later, students finally had the opportunity of running away from the city heat and go relax at Santa Severa beach - a full day of beach, relax, fun, and delicious food (obviously including gelato!).

In a few days the program will end and students will return to their homes in the U.S., so, they have really been trying to take in all the last bits of Italy that they can as well as spending quality time with each other. Their favorite place and time to do this has been during our evening outings on the Lungo Tevere - filled with food, granite, games, and markets.


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