Snorkeling Adventure

Authored by:
Jamison Reichert

Jamison Reichert

Bom Dia! It was an early morning as we walked along the canal to our snorkeling boats. Yes, there were still yawns, but the excitement overtook the sleepiness! We leaders usually do energizer games in the morning to wake up the group. However, putting on our wetsuits energized us enough! We grabbed our goggles and fins and headed to the water. The boat ride was about 30mins to our snorkel destination. The weather was great as the water was pretty calm. Students saw cuddle fish, octopus, sea cucumbers, crabs, and tons of fish! Flippers were splashing everywhere as students rushed to see the wildlife. As we gathered back on our boats, we had one final jump back into the water to cool off before the boat ride back to shore. It was a fun adventure in our neighboring world under the water! 

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