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Kaylee Haskell

 The Global Navigators hit the streets on Saturday for our Accra city tour. Led by our dance instructor and Accra native Mr. Brown, the tour began on the University of Ghana- Legon campus. The students were able to walk around a traditional college dormitory, see the various department schools and also walk through the university's Great Hall, where graduations and other monumental ceremonies are held.

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The tour continued through the posh neighborhood of East Legon, all the way into the bustling area of Accra Central. We visited the National Museum of Ghana, which was first opened on March 5, 1957 as part of the nations' celebration of independence. After brushing up on their Ghanaian history and admiring beautiful pieces of art, the Global Navigators made their way to the Osu neighborhood for lunch overlooking Oxford Street- a bustling strip lined with fast food joints, street vendors and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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Once their bellies were filled with Frankie's pizza and pastries, the students hopped back on the bus to continue their tour into Ghana's historical Jamestown Area. Known for their fisherman and boxers, Jamestown is one of the oldest districts of Accra and home to the James Fort and lighthouse, built in 1871. Mr. Brown took the students through the mural-filled main street, eventually leading them to a front-row show of crashing waves on the beach. 

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We concluded our day with our first trip to an art market. The students got to try their new bargaining skills with local artists and walked away with bracelets, bowls, beads and more!

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Today's Twi word of the day is mepaakyew, which means please in English. The students used their manners while bargaining with local sellers in the art market!