Saturday in the City

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Kaylee Haskell

Early Saturday morning, the Global Navigators set out on their city tour; it was finally time to dive into the bustling environment that they had been surrounded by for the past week.

Starting off, the students were guided through parts of the University of Ghana campus that they had yet to explore. After seeing a view of the traditional halls on campus and passing through the Great Hall, where graduations and ceremonies are held, it was time to hit the road and venture to the heart of Accra.

The Global Navigators made their way through the busy market streets- filled with vendors selling everything from phone cases to fresh fish. Continuing on, students were able to feel the ocean breeze as we drove through the historic Jamestown area- one of the oldest districts in Accra that is known for their fishing and boxing culture. Eventually, we made a stop at the Accra Art Market where the Navigators got the opportunity to stretch their legs and test their bargaining skills. Despite having spent a little more than desired on some jewelry, the students returned to the bus with an array of colorful treasures to carry home with them. 

After expending most of their energy (and money) at the art market, the students were ready for lunch at Frankie’s restaurant- located in the middle of the Osu neighborhood. Overlooking Oxford street, the students were able to enjoy homemade pastries and ice cream while observing the colorful hubbub of one of Accra’s most vibrant strips.

We returned back to the hostel around 4pm, where students were able to relax before reconvening for our nightly reflection and a pizza party catered by a local parlor. They eventually turned in early to prepare for their early morning travels to the central region. 



Today’s Twi word of the day is maakye which means good morning!