Reflections on Service

Authored by:
Rachel McGowan

Each day, students reflect on their experiences at service through writing in their journals. Today, they share their thoughts on their service experience thus far.

"It's super fun to work with the kids because they have so much energy and are really excited to learn."

"It has been such an enriching experience to meet and mentor kids who ignore all the odds that are against them and come to school happy and excited to learn."

"Service has taught me the importance of education and has helped me become more confident. It has made me appreciate the education I have been given."

"Service is filled with many highs but still some lows, but in the end it's all worth it."

"I've learned that I have taken the little things for granted, such as having a pencil sharpener and eraser."

"It's been a really great experience to interact with the kids as both their teacher and as a friend to play with. Many of them are so excited and willing to learn, which just makes the whole thing enjoyable and rewarding."

"At service today I not only learned that these kids are smart but they are also creative. We might be teaching them but I've already learned so much from them."

"So far, it has been a really rewarding learning experience and I've made some strong connections over things I had not originally imagined."

"I love teaching the older kids, the content is interesting and their interest in the content is very motivating.  I've formed a connection with them and cannot wait to come back each morning!"

"Working with the children brings so much joy to me. Seeing how I can do something so little and it makes them happy,  makes me happy."

"I am so grateful to be teaching amazing children who love to learn and grow. This experience has taught me so much."

"Service is a great experience where we are able to enrich children with the fundamentals of reading, writing,  and math. Getting to know the children and help them has been eye-opening."

"I'm forming relationships with these kids so quickly. I've never felt so welcome."

"I love service because I am able to bring in what I learned in America to help further their education.  The bonds I've formed with every one of my students are ones that I'll cherish forever. "

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