Reflections at Halftime

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Thomas Herz

Thomas Herz

A week and a half in and we have officially reached our halfway point here in Berlin! Our students truly look like they know their way around the city, some claiming to have memorized the U7 subway line outside of G-27 like the back of their hand. 

Sunday night, students were given a short reprieve after our trip to Hamburg. Once the sun rose on Monday, they were off and running again. After putting their heads together while working further on their business projects, we took our global entrepreneurs to the Reichstag. This is the home to the Bundestag, Germany's lower house of parliament. At the top of this historic building is a massive glass dome in which our students were able to view the entire city while listening to an audio tour. They utilized the scenery as a perfect moment to snap some amazing shots and see with their own eyes the magnitude of Berlin.

You may notice that I have not included any pictures from our next excursion. There is a good reason for this. I offered an optional trip to the Topography of Terror. This photograph and information gallery is located at the old site of the SS and Gestapo building, the center of leadership for the leaders of the Holocaust. Students read about the atrocious crimes against humanity committed against the Jewish, LGBTQIA, disabled, and other marginalized communities. As a group, we felt that it would be inappropriate to take photographs at this powerful and emotional gallery. Instead, they put their phones and cameras aside and participated in the experience, technology-less.

On Tuesday, the students participated in their second crash course German class to sharpen their language skills. They wrapped up the day at various concert venues, taking part in Berlin's "Fete de la Musique." Many of the concerts were fun, family-friendly performances that featured a large array of artists and genres. This allowed students to take a step outside of their classroom and take a part in a truly cultural Berlin experience.

To wrap up the front half of our week, the students had the privilege to adventure outside of the main part of the city and explore a store called Nochmall. This non-profit sells all sorts of items that were either donated or recycled. They promote sustainable practices and fuel their business with a passion for protecting the environment and combating needless overproduction.

As the first half of our Berlin experience comes to a close, the students take a breath and enthusiastically gear up for a thrilling next week and a half.

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