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Karina Suarez Luna

Karina Suarez Luna

Rachel guest wrote for us before we left Merida but had technical difficulties! So here it is! 

Hello! It's me! Rachel Cervantes again! I'm contributing my second blog for the Mérida Session 1 trip during our final week!
We have had amazing month, and we all have agreed that we do not want to go back home. We have tried so many new foods, worn new styles of clothes, and even watched movies in Spanish! 
During the past month, the 11 of us have become really close. We all know that going to the airport and going our separate ways is going to be tough, but we've definitely enjoyed every moment with each other! #bestfriends
This week, on Monday, we had a really competitive guacamole contest. We were randomly divided into four teams of four. (Karina participated) We watched a quick video on how to make guacamole.  Presentation, flavor, and the name of our prized guacamoles would be how they are judged by the chef at the restaurant we were at.  With diligence and detail, "Guacaméxico" won! (My team :) ) Although, all of our dips were very good! I mean, how could they not be?
On Wednesday,  we had a special lunch with our host families! We mingled, ate, and had a certificate ceremony! We were all named "Founding Students of CIEE Global Institute in Yucatán." We are the first Spanish Language & Culture group in Mérida, and we all are so ecstatic that we got to be the first group to do such amazing things! We later took so many pictures with our families and friends, I'm sure you'll see a few of them around.
On Thursday, we all took our STAMP test again. (The first exam was taken before we left for our trip) Yay. Although, we all have completed it, and we all are now very happy that we can do something way more exciting!
As this is our final week, we have had a lot of free time in the afternoons to go and do things with our families. Zoos, ice skating, and kayaking have been just a few our many adventures. Although, we wish we could stay longer, we can't wait to see our families, pets, and best friends again. Who knows? Maybe we will bring you back a souvenir. Maybe?
Much love,  and always be a pineapple!
-Rachel Cervantes, 17 years old

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