Rabat LC meets Mohammedia Service Learning

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Andreina Santamaria

Andreina Santamaria

SbaH LKhir!

Labas 3likum?

Yesterday, our Rabat LC and Mohammedia Service Learning program finally had the chance to meet! Our students departed from Rabat at 1:30 pm to Mohammedia, which is only a 45-minute drive from Rabat. Mohammedia is located just outside of Casablanca and has the nice serene atmosphere of the suburbs back in the states. Upon arrival to the Mohammedia ALC, students got to know each other in an ice breaker, when students shared what they love the most about Morocco. We learned most students liked Moroccan mint tea the most!

Afterwards, all students participated in a "privilege walk" facilitated by the Mohammedia PLs: Chaimae and Kamera. During the privilege walk student were asked a series of questions regarding their own personal privilege, depending on their answers they would have to take a step forward or backwards. Students were instructed to close their eyes for the activity to both make students more comfortable in sharing and to make it more impactful when they opened their eyes. The questions that were asked challenged all aspects of the students identify: gender, race, ethnicity, social class, education, opportunities they have had and many more. Example questions were: Have you ever felt unsafe walking at night?, Were you encouraged to go to college by your parents?, Have you ever skipped a meal because you didn't have money?, just to name a few. When students opened their eyes, they were able to look around and compare the position they ended up at with their peers. To reflect on what they observed, students sat in a circle and discussed what privilege meant to them and how their privilege meant here in Morocco as a study abroad student. Many students observed that privilege has so many facades and is so interwoven in a person’s identity. The most important point that was mentioned by students was: Yes, privilege is important and needs to be discussed but we forget that it’s also about what people do with the privilege to help others or how you surpass obstacles to empower yourself/others.

After some deep reflection students signed up for many activities: soccer (a crowd favorite), dodgeball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, ping pong, and archery. Students instantly bonded and showed each of their competitive sides when playing all the various sports. Once students had their fun, they were surprised with their favorite, kraskrut! Kraskrut included endless Moroccan tea and the traditional spread of different Moroccan breads and sides.

To end the day, Mohammedia students gave Rabat LC students a tour around Mohammedia where they visited the local park, boardwalk, cafes and got some insight into the Mohammedia student's daily life.

On Thursday, it will be Rabat LC's turn to show Mohammedia students, Rabat, their new home.

Bslama 3likum!

-PL Andi



SbaH L Khir = Good Morning

Labas 3likum = How are you all?

Rabat LC = Rabat Lanaguage and Culture

ALC = American Language Center

Kaskrut = Moroccan tea time

Bslama 3likum = Bye everyone!

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