Qingshui Cliff and Tea Picking Experience

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Yu-De Su

Afternoon take bus to Qingshui Cliff is located in the 22.7-kilometer section between Heping and Qingshui in Xiulin Township, Hualien County.  

It is mainly composed of marble, gneiss and green schist and hundreds of meters long. It is the most thrilling music route on the Suhua Highway.  


Among the landscapes, the spirit of the Jiasuhua Highway has become one of the eight wonders of Taiwan; Qingshui Cliff is not only the most spectacular scenery in Huadong Town, but also an excellent place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.  

It is a famous landscape in Taiwan. Viewpoint location.


After that we got Goose Mountain Tea Plantation

Put on a tea-picking hat and cloth, and transform into a tea-picking girl

The boss here will invite everyone to go to the tea garden to find the tender shoots with one heart and two leaves Tea picking, tea making, and tea kneading experience, if you want to drink tea, make it yourself. 

Its very specialy experience for us to DIY our tea